Evaluate: Will Inbound Marketing Work For You?

Evaluate: Will Inbound Marketing Work For You?

When it comes to determining whether the need for any new sales and marketing initiative, the value always lies in the ability to experience a positive return on investment and the sustainability of its related implemented programs.

This naturally leads to the question, what programs best fit your company needs and can help us achieve both our short-term and long-term profit maximization goals.

To properly answer this question requires a thorough understanding of what Revenue-Driven Marketing is, what roles inbound marketing systems play, what it all achieves, and what it all entails.

Marketing Cost vs Sales Return

We all know you can not wait forever to see a return on your marketing budget investment. It is for this reason, we focus on delivering fast and efficient results. We combine our knowledge of several website content management systems [CMS], and proven Revenue-Driven marketing strategies to consistently drive new leads and sales to your business and profits to your bottom line.

Revenue-Driven Marketing consists of two elements; (1) inbound marketing and (2) sales and marketing alignment. For the possible of this post we will concentrate on discussing inbound marketing. Once you have attained a better understanding of inbound marketing you will be able to assess whether the cost associated is actually a smart investment when implemented effectively.

So what do you mean inbound marketing?

Traditionally, when you hear the word marketing you automatically think of commercials, advertisements, brochures, and direct mail coupons; yet all of these would be filed under the increasingly underperforming outbound marketing methodologies.

Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing does not force information on your target audience. In contrast, inbound marketing primarily uses the Internet to make you “easily found” by your prospects.

It helps your sales and marketing team to avoids canned, forced sales script pitches and tries to provide true value to your prospective buyers, qualified leads, and customers through the use of content designed to gain your audiences trust and ultimately turn them into a qualified lead.

Content Distribution & Inbound Communication

As a “new approach” to marketing, inbound techniques have many benefits that keep the modern consumer in mind. These include two-way communication and non-disruptive content.

In today’s fast-paced world, no human wants to be treated like a moving target on a sales persons dart board. Inbound marketing is about providing valuable content and earning a customer’s attention and ultimately loyalty.

It’s designed to draw you back to one main website with all of the information you need and focuses on educating, entertaining, and obtaining your visitors contact information in exchange for unique premium content. Inbound marketing does not bombard you with disruptive, unwanted content through use of banner ads, sales flyers, or spam emails.

In addition, most inbound marketing methods enable your target audience to engage in two-way communication. Unlike outbound methods that just lay out information, inbound tools like social media allow consumers to respond, give feedback, and often receive responses. This communication allows for better understanding of your prospective buyer behaviors and, in the end, an even better solution to their problems.

According to Search Engine Journal, inbound leads cost 60% less than outbound leads. Considering the amount of waste associated with traditional, impression-based advertising, inbound marketing provides a much more focused program that matches your buyer behavior today, not 20 years ago.

Inbound Marketing Cost versus Trade Show CostIn 2012 Hubspot conducted a survey of 972 marketing professionals in which 46% of professionals reported trade shows as a major above average cost per lead. Meanwhile, inbound methods using tools such a blogs, social media, and SEO, on the other hand, were more frequently reported as below average costs per lead, as they are more cost-effective for lead generation.

So now you know some facts about cost, however, this still does not address the main question …

Is Inbound Marketing A Fit For My Business?

For a business driven by sales-leads, inbound marketing has proven to be powerful. Once implemented, studies show that inbound methods generate more leads and ultimately more customers than any of their outbound counterparts.

The numbers from Inbound Marketing Software providers

A recent report from HubSpot shows that after using their inbound marketing software, 92.7% of users experienced an increase in leads. 38.4% reported an increase of more than 100% in their leads and 83.9% of these individuals noticed the change within 7 months. 65.25% reported seeing an increase in as little as 4 months. In terms of sales, 49.2% of customers experienced a higher lead-to-sales conversion rate and 49.7% noticed it within 7 months.

Face it. Managing all of your online marketing efforts is hard work.

One of the most important laws of nature, is the law of the vital few, otherwise known as the Pareto principal, or the 80/20 rule.

  • What is the 80-20 Rule?

80/20 Rule of Inbound MarketingThe law states that roughly 80% of your results come from 20% of your maximum efforts. Which means 80% of your maximum effort only produces 20% of your results.

If most of your leads and sales are being generated by anything other than your website, your online marketing process needs to change.

Once you understand this law of nature and begin to leverage it within your business, relatively small adjustments and changes will produce massive improvements that hit your bottom line.

  • The 80/20 rule is exponential

In other words the 20% of effort that creates 80% of your results, has within it another 80/20. This pattern continues endlessly. The famous line from “The King and I” with Yul Brenner sums it up best … “etc. , etc. , etc. ”

etc Yul Brenner Inbound Marketing 80-20 ruleFrom attracting the right visitors, publishing content, and ranking higher in search engines, there is a lot that goes into it. At DIR Incorporated our mission is to help companies like yours move away from marketing tactics that interrupt prospective buyers.

Here’s how we help you create exponential growth within your business…

After you have completed the quick 3 Step “Get Started Now” process, a Revenue-Driven Evaluation expert will contact you, within one business day, to schedule a call to discuss your business and goals in more detail.

From that call, we will be able to build a custom proposal for you, that will be tailored to reach your business and marketing goals and stay within your overall marketing budget. We typically combine multiple solutions to deliver maximum return on your marketing budget. We have found that when you leverage the most important 20% within each marketing channel or strategy, there is massive synergy using a combination of solutions to reach your goals. This is unlike any other approach in the Internet marketing industry. It is inbound marketing and DIR magic combined.

Once you have reviewed your custom proposal and you join the DIR Incorporated family, your dedicated account manager (Revenue Specialist) will contact you to schedule your strategic planning meeting. This call will allow you to get to know your Revenue Specialist, allow he or she to get a full understanding of your business and goals and allow us to collect the specific information that we need to bring prosperity into your business.

Is all this content marketing & social media stuff worth it?

The only way to really know is to look at the single source of truth — your data and your insights.

All too often, business leaders and marketers of every size focus their efforts on a single inbound marketing tactic like blogging, email marketing or social media. Then, when that isolated effort fails or under-performs, they turn their attentions to the next new trend. This approach is not only discouraging, it is also expensive and extremely unproductive.

Don’t fall into that trap. There is a better way to market your business. One that consistently generates new leads and drives revenue. Whether you are looking for a more effective online marketing strategy or just starting out, we can evaluate your current web presence and help guide you on the right track.

Our no-obligation marketing assessment evaluates your business’ current website, sales process, and marketing for areas of improvement. So let’s start a dialogue. There’s no commitment.

Here is what you can expect from our inbound marketing assessment:

We want to know all about the challenges your company is facing, the projects you’re currently working on, and what your aspirations are. (And surely you will have some questions for us.)

Your consultation takes only 45 minutes. From there, we will both determine what is best.

Time to get started!




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