How To Bring Marketing and Sales Together with Analytical Software

Marketing Automation

Some people seem to think that automating their marketing is the way to go.

In 2016, putting your marketing on auto pilot is NOT the way to go.

At least—it’s not the way to go unless you’re doing it right.

Some people just want to put their marketing on auto pilot and never think about it again.

This is tough because you need to know what’s working in marketing and what’s not working.

In order to get the most bang for your buck in the marketing world, here’s how to do marketing automation the right way.

Get the Right Content Going

As you may know, content is going to be what gets your inbound marketing rolling.

When it comes to content, this is what generates your leads for you.

Your main goal is to produce content that your “clients” would find valuable.

That may be in an eBook or even a blog post.

Content needs to be something that your audience would find helpful.

For example, if you own a food company, giving your audience a free cookbook is one option.

Maybe you run a boutique, giving your audience tips on home décor is another way to go.

Remember that you always want to add value to your customers.

Know Your Analytics

What’s the point in marketing if you don’t understand what’s going on?

One thing you should know how to do when it comes to marketing automation is knowing your analytics.

Like, really know them.

It’s important to know where your leads are coming from and how they got there.

Knowing who your visitors are on your site, how long they stayed, and if their visit was effective are all super important aspects to analytics and marketing automation.

Keep Tabs on Your Marketing

This goes without saying, just because your marketing is automated, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep track of it.

It’s important to know your conversion rates, what’s attracting clients to your brand, what it takes to get a lead and convert it into a sale, know your cost per acquisition.

Also, it’s important to know exactly where your leads are coming from.

Don’t Underestimate Your CRM

Are you familiar with what a CRM is?

Basically, it’s a customer relationship management tool.

It’s how you manage the relationship with your customer from lead to sale.

If you’re going to make your inbound marketing successful, you need to understand your CRM inside and out.

When it comes down to it, don’t underestimate what your CRM can do for you.

It’s really cool what some CRM software can do.

For example, it might automatically send your customer an email after they sign up.

There you have it, marketing automation made easy.

You no longer have to worry about trying to do marketing and forgetting about it.

Now you know the value of putting your marketing on auto-pilot, but also paying close attention to it, in the right ways.