Content Marketing Handbook

Content Powers Leads & Closing

Discover how content helps meet goals and generates qualified leads.

Create a powerful mix of content and social media to directly improve sales and marketing results. According to Gartner Research, businesses that use content as part of their marketing automate can increase revenue by 10 percent within 9 months. Yet, not all content is created equally.

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Revenue-Driven Content Marketing HandbookRevenue-Driven marketing start by effectively engaging the right prospects with personalized high quality content. Learn how by simply filling out the form to the left to access your FREE copy of Content Handbook – Business Owner Edition.

This valuable eBook includes:

  • Solid knowledge of content marketing
  • Content Types for Each Sales Funnel Stage
  • Match buyer personas with marketing materials
  • Calculate content marketing ROI
Content marketing is more than just white papers. Discover how to reduce risk in the B2B buying process, improve content registration and optimize your existing content.