Prepare QuickBooks For Your Woocommerce Integration

Prepare QuickBooks For Your Woocommerce Integration

If you are looking at integrating your desktop QuickBooks application with your WordPress WooCommerce store, there are a few preliminary steps need to prepare Quickbooks ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. We are NOT accountant, and we will not set-up Quickbooks for you. We will provide the following services:

  • Set-up your ecommerce store
  • Install the Quickbooks Connector
  • Adjust all non-accounting setting
  • Connect merchant account(s)
  • Connect SSL, [when required]
  • Conduct Sandbox testing
  • Hosting and managed your Woocommerce site
  • Track data and provide monthly reports
  • Provide non-accounting technique support

DIR__tool_1and2of10_blue (2)Have Quickbooks Professionally Set-up For Business

First, the biggest thing that you can do is make sure that your QuickBooks company file is completely setup, meaning setup for your business.

Most businesses want integration service will already have this completed, but, if you are a new QB convert then you will want to make certain all of your sales tax items are be in place, your chart of accounts are established and you have a clear understanding of how your products should be recorded in QuickBooks.

If not, ask your accountant. If you need an account skilled in this area we recommend the following experts:

  • Craig Yahne, Culp CPA – Fort Wayne, Goshen, and Huntington, Indiana [Non-profit Specialist]
  • Daniella Thompson, Insight Accounting – Goshen and South Bend, Indiana  [Mid-size to Enterprise Business Consultant] 
  • David Crowley, Vectar CPA – Warsaw, Indiana [ Accounting Technology Professional]
  • Jeanne Wilson, Acorn Tax Services – Elkhart, Indiana [Small Business Expert]

While the QuickBooks Integration is a great time-saver once it is all setup correctly, it is by no means an auto-accountant. If you are just getting started and are unfamiliar with accounting or QuickBooks in general, you will definitely want to make sure you brush up on the basics so you at least understand the terminology.

The University of Notre Dame offer some cost-effective Executive Education courses that might help.

DIR_company_blue_1of3Ensure You Have The Required QuickBooks Accounts

A solid foundation will hold your QB infrastructure. Below is a list of the accounts required in QuickBooks for the integration to work successfully. Before proceeding, you will want to make sure that you have at least one account of each type in your QuickBooks chart of accounts. If you do not, you should create one.

  • Income Account
  • COGs Account
  • Deposit Account
  • Asset Account
  • Accounts Receivable Account
  • Expense Account

DIR__ceo_blue_1of4Prepare QuickBooks With These Required Items

Below is a list of various items that are required in QuickBooks. You will want to double-check each of these and make sure that they exist.

  • Sales Tax Items – you’ll need to make sure that you have a QuickBooks sales tax item for each sales tax rate on your website. If they don’t exist, you should create them. Sales tax items map one-to-one with website sales tax rates.
  • Payment Methods – each website payment method needs to map to a payment method in QuickBooks.
  • Shipping Item – in order to record shipping / freight charged to customers, you should create a “Shipping Item” in QuickBooks. Here’s a link on how to create a shipping item from Intuit: Charge Shipping to Customers in QuickBooks.

linking all brains together - Prepare QuickBooksOptimized Woocommerce Integration By Linking Products

For best results, it is recommended that the products exist in QuickBooks prior to starting the QuickBooks / Website integration. The extension does have the ability to setup website products in QuickBooks. Auto-created products in QuickBooks still require a certain level of intervention though as they will not have costs, vendors and other data assigned to them. This is why we recommend that the products exist in QuickBooks first. Also, the base QuickBooks extension currently supports Inventory, Non-Inventory and Service items. Advanced inventory types such as groups or assemblies are not supported.

With that said, to link a website product with a QuickBooks item, the website product’s sku must match the Item Name / Number field for the corresponding product in QuickBooks. If you’re entering the skus by hand or individually, make sure that you don’t mistake zeros for the letter ‘O’. Once you’ve made sure that the sku matches the item name / number of the same product in QuickBooks, you can enabled the inventory sync column. The next time the web connector runs, that item will be picked up in the Inventory Sync routine and depending on the extension’s settings, either the price, quantity or both will be updated on the website with the values from QuickBooks. After the link has been successfully established, whenever the web connector runs, the product’s price and / or stock on the website will be updated with the values from QuickBooks.

REMEMBER: If you change the Item Name / Number prepared in QuickBooks or the sku on your WordPress website, the link will be broken for that product.

Preparing Quickbooks To Send Out Orders

Nappanee Web Design Company with Ecommerce Developers and Integration with QuickbooksSending orders should not even be attempted until all of your mappings, accounts and products are setup. This is because in order to programmatically create an order in QuickBooks, the extension needs to know specifics about what payment methods, tax rates, accounts and products exist in QuickBooks and how they relate to similar settings within your WordPress WooCommerce website. After you have gotten all of your settings mapped, have verified all of your products can be found in QuickBooks and know for certain the QuickBooks Item Name / Number matches the website sku for the product, you can enabled the “Post Orders To QuickBooks” option. You should also consider enabled the “Store Order XML”, which will store the xml request to QuickBooks for the order.

The latter is particularly useful for debugging when an order does not go through.

How To Send A Quickbook Order Via Woocomerce Integration

Elkhart Internet Marketing Company DIR IncorporatedTo specify when an order should be queued to be transfered to QuickBooks, you can select the status from the Order Status Trigger to send order to QuickBooks?” dropdown.

What this setting does is specify when the order should be queued. By default, you should use “Completed”. This means that an order has theoretically been processed, shipped and you have received your money. At this point if you are using QuickBooks primarily for accounting purposes, this is the time to transfer the order and have it entered/synced into the books.

If you use QuickBooks for order fulfillment, you can try queuing the order at a different status, such as processing. This means, when an orders status changes to processing, the order will be queued to be transferred to QuickBooks. The order status of processing does not assure that the order has been completed and shipped though and, for some reason you do not ship the order and cancel or refund it in the website, it would need to be removed from QuickBooks manually, as well.

How Post Order To Quickbooks?

Sell More Real Estate With Lifecycle MarketingQuickBooks Premier and Enterprise users can specify whether the order should be created in QuickBooks as either a Sales Receipt or Sales Order. QuickBooks Pro users need use Sales Receipts only. If you are using sales orders, you can also specify to have an Invoice and Payment auto-created for the Sales Order. This is done at the time that the order is transferred to QuickBooks and is primarily meant for people who set the order status trigger to completed.

SIDE NOTE: When enabled, an Invoice AND Payment are created. It is NOT possible to specify one or the other.

Line Item Description for Variations

If you are not tracking variations of variable products in QuickBooks, when an order is created in QuickBooks, the parent product is used for the line item. If you would like the line item description to reflect the value of the variation chosen, you can enable this option: “Should the attribute values for variable products be used as the Sales Receipt / Sales Order line item description?”. When enabled, the line item description will be a combination of the attribute and the chosen value.

For example: If if the product attribute is large size, the description will show an attribute of “Size:Large

Troubleshooting Your Quickbooks To WordPress Integration

5 Common Website Mistakes Even Digital Marketing Agencies MakeIf an order does not go through, it is likely one of the following is happening:

  • An item on the order can not be found in QuickBooks
  • The payment method for the order is not mapped
  • Sales tax rates are mapped incorrectly
  • There is no shipping item setup in QuickBooks

Go through all of your settings and make sure that everything is mapped correctly.

Tips: You can try looking at the History tab in the extension for more details from QuickBooks about why the order did not transfer. If there are errors complaining that the ListID is empty or that a ListID is invalid, that means that your account mappings are out of sync. To resolve, you should refresh your account mappings and re-save, if this does not work call us (574)329-9022, or contact us

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