Using Technology To Solve Sales & Marketing Challenges

DIR Incorporated solves Sales Challenges

Why Many Sales Professionals Dislike Their Own Marketers

The most recent State of Inbound Report found one of the biggest challenges facing Sales Professionals is that marketing is not involved in the lead nurturing process, and/or not providing sufficient  information on Marketing Qualified Leads [MQL].

In other words, marketing is relying on technology to capture basic information such as:

  • a name
  • an email address
  • a website
  • a phone number
  • a company address
  • a contact’s title

However, it is not providing insightful information such as,

  • what pages on the website a prospect visits?
  • what referral sources led to prospects finding the company?
  • what are the prospects pain points?

Another interesting finding that correlates as a potential red flag in the lead generation process is that 24% of teams do not use CRM of any kind, and only 22% of sales & marketing individuals who use CRM leverage the technology during the early qualification stages.

Look at this picture:

Sales Gets its own leads

If you ask a Sales Professional “how many leads does marketing provide per month?”, their typical response is “I get my own leads.”

However, in the eyes of a marketer this creates a lack of communication, and causes marketing to be viewed as an expenditure, not a supporting part of the process.

In addition, the lack of communication leads to other issues for marketers.

Such as — a smaller budget to work with.

DIR Incorporated solves Marketing Challenges

Why Many Marketers Dislike Their Own Sales Team

Referencing the same study mentioned earlier, it was found that the companies that have Service Level Agreements [SLA] between sales & marketing teams achieve better results.

Especially, greater return on investment than those without an written process.

Even better for marketing is that greater revenue leads to a larger marketing budget.

So, the natural question every Marketer, Sales Professional, and Business Owner should be asking is — “how do we align sales & marketing using SLA’s?”.

Here’s a hint:

Marketing and Sales Align - Lead Generation Processes

The key to establishing a technology-driven lead generation process with SLA is increasing the click-through rates [CTR] of qualified prospects, reducing lead conversion times, and increasing conversion rates.

On June 28, 2016 I will share several secrets to help transform your sales & marketing, unleash the power of your website, and distinguish your marketing from competitors.

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