LeadGen Lesson #4: Turn Emails into Conversations

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Worried about losing your personal edge when it comes to automating you business? We hear ya.  But the truth is, automation can actually help strengthen relationships by making communication smarter and more efficient.

Welcome to Day 4 of the 5 day course. So far you’ve learned how to captivate an audience of quality leads, add them to your database through lead magnets, and organize them by their interests. In today’s tutorial, we’re sharing how to have one-to-one conversations with individual leads on a grand scale. Let’s get started…

Day 4: Turn Emails into Conversations
Good relationships cultivate sales. But you can’t develop strong relationships with your audience by sending out impersonal, one-size-fits-all emails. Instead, strengthen relationships with your leads by sending them highly targeted emails that match their unique interests.
Personalize Email
In the last tutorial, we talked about using Marketing Automation to tag and score leads.  In today’s lesson, we’re thinking about the individual conversations to have with your leads on a large scale. When leads are tagged and scored, you can easily group them into segments and send highly relevant, personalized emails that get opened and read.

Top of the Funnel – Brand Awareness
What conversation would you have with someone who just walked in your door and wants to know what your business is all about?

You might explain why you’re so passionate about what you do, how you started your business, or geek out and share the latest industry tips and news.

Perfect email fodder for the newest leads in your database.

Mid-Funnel – Educate and Unveil Solutions
Next, think about what you’d tell someone who has shown interest in a specific topic or area of expertise you offer.

You would probably impart your knowledge on the topic and mention the types of solutions you offer that fit in that area of expertise.

That’s an email to send to warmer leads who have been tagged to show interest in a specific solution you offer.

Bottom of the Funnel – Engage in a Sales Conversation
Now, think about someone who’s been in your store a few times. They always go to the same section. You can just tell that they’re contemplating purchasing a particular product.

Think about that conversation and how you would explain the benefits, talk about why they should buy from you – not the other guy – and share your passion for helping your customers.

Put that in an email for those high scoring leads who have indicated that they’re ready to make a buying decision.

When your leads are tagged and segmented, it’s easy to think about the individual conversations you’d have with them and send out highly personalized emails that get opened and read. 

Learn more about personalized email marketing with our ebook, You’ve Got Personalized Mail.
Email Campaigns
You have a lot of information you’d like to share at each stage of the buying process. Email campaigns help you to break down big ideas into digestible chunks delivered over time.

We like to call this email nurturing. Instead of blasting your entire list of leads with a generic email send, you’re nurturing a one-to-one relationship with your leads.

You can create targeted campaigns for each stage of the sales funnel – one for cold leads, one for warm prospects, and one for those hot potential buyers.

Keep Your Business Top of Mind
With email campaigns, you’re staying in touch frequently with personal messages over time. This boost recognition and recall of your business, so that when the time is right to buy, you’re first in mind.

Leads Move Down the Funnel
Email campaigns educate leads and help them down a path to conversion. So instead of sitting stagnant in your database, leads move from learning about your business, to exploring your solutions to finally making a purchase.

Since campaigns are automated, leads are always being nurtured and moving down the funnel until they’re ready buy. In the meantime, you’re free to add value to your business where it counts most for you – whether that’s developing new products, working with customers, or even taking more time for your personal life.

Need help creating campaigns and sending the right email to the right person at the right time? Check out the email marketing content grid infographic.
Day 4 Recap
One-size-fits-all emails just don’t move the needle when it comes to building relationships with your leads. Using personalized emails and campaigns helps you maintain that intimate, one-to-one experience customers expect from a small business.  At the same, automation actually opens up your day so you can focus on the most important business relationships and activities.

In tomorrow’s lesson, we’ll explore how to identify hot leads and close more deals as you nurture the leads in your database. See you in the inbox!