If Social Media Is A Tactic, Why Do I Need A Social Media Strategy ?

If Social Media Is A Tactic, Why Do I Need A Social Media Strategy ?

Why is Social Media Marketing Important To Business ?

Social Media Strategy Versus Content

Social Media is a great tool for connecting with your target audience at a relatively low-cost. For this reason every company should view social media as an essential component of sale & marketing for the purpose of demand generation, lead nurturing, sales conversation, and customer support programs. This idea of using social media for a closed-loop marketing system requires a Revenue-Driven process and a social media strategy that aligns with your overall company marketing strategy.

How Difficult Is It To Develop A Social Media Strategy ?

For companies like, South Bend Invest, with one generally target audience [Real Estate Investors] it is a simple process and strategy, but, for an organization like the St. Joseph Chamber of Chamber who must connect with other non-profit organizations, B2C and B2B businesses across Michiana, and State, County, and local government agencies the process and strategy is a lot more complex.


7 Elements To Consider When Implementing Social Media Tactics

If you are responsible for social media efforts at your company, the key is to include and involve people in your efforts, regardless of their role. In addition, here are seven tips we hope you’ll find useful:

  • Align your social media efforts to your goals
  • Establish metrics that measure engagement, lead quality,and revenue produced — not just top-level conversions (i.e. likes versus form completed, subscribes versus webinars attended)
  • Establish different internal roles for each buyer persona.
  • Determine what content generations the best opportunities. [Do not focus only on your message, but, the message your audience engages with and is most likely to share]
  • A/B Test social media platforms for each persona to uncover which are the best performers for each target audience.
  • Understand how you are going to track the performance of each social media platform and the methods used to market, some platforms have built-in analytic tools, others do not.
  • What will your marketing mix look like for each persona. The key is the answer, “What tactical role does social media marketing play within this campaign strategy”.

In summary, Social Media is not designed to replace your entire marketing program, but, rather to enhance it both from a branding and revenue viewpoint. Your social media strategy must fix into the overall objectives of sales & marketing, and the tactics you implement to achieve your primary and secondary goals must be consist, measurable, and sustainable.

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