Set-up a WordPress Website with Free Hosting In 5 Minutes

Setting Up WordPress with Free hosting

In my opinion, WordPress is the best platform for any type of website.

However, it is important to know there are two different WordPress options offered by Automattic.

First, is the content management system for blogging known as

This is one of the most popular blogging website platforms in the world.

To date there are more than 68 million blog sites on around the globe.

However, this free content management system is often hammered down by custom website developers who do not understand that their is another, more powerful version of WordPress.

The second version of WordPress is actually downloadable software.

It is called and set up can be set-up in 5 minutes or less.

But, that is not all.

Why not have your cake and eat it too.

While setting up a WordPress website can be done in 5 minutes are less, it is going to take more than 5 minutes to read this step-by-step post.


Because, my goal to cover everything you need to know to set-up your own custom WordPress website within minutes.

This set-up will include free and low-cost hosting options.

To my knowledge, they is nothing on the web today as complete as this guide.

Let get started.


Setting Up WordPress Website with Free Hosting

There are many free and paid hosting services available.

However, my buddy Matt Howell and I have experiments with just about all of them.

While there is stiffer competition amongst the paid options for hosting your WordPress site, and free options has one clear winner.

To get started, visit x10hosting.

When you do, you will see a screen like the one below.

Simply click the giant button that reads:


sign up for free wordpress hosting - WordPress Website with Free Hosting

Next, you will be re-directed to a screen where you will have the option to set-up your hosting URL.

I typically, recommend you either use your business name, if it is short, or use a broad keyword you wish to rank for later on.

Please note, I have no proof that there is any seo value in naming things this way, however, I strongly believe it is a logically sound approach to take.

For example, if I am building a website for John’s Auto Spa in Nappanee, a good keyword to use would be “carwash” as seen below.

using a keyword on wordpress hosting

Now, you just follow the intuitive directions on the screen by selecting:


You will then will simply need to confirm your new account by providing an email address as seen in the example below.

If you are a business owner, please make should you use an email address for the company.

This way, if you decision later down the road to sell your business, WordPress website included you will not have to deal with updating all this stuff at the last minute.

confirm your free x10hosting account

Once you enter your email address, once again click the orange [more like salmon] “CONTINUE” button, and create a unique and secure password.

Here’s my advise on password creation.

Do not use the same one you have everywhere else.

While WordPress is great, it is also a major target for hackers.

Now, before you get scared — I will show you some WordPress security defense.

They are not absolute, but, they help a whole lot.

I recommend your password have at least 9 characters with the following attributes:

  • 2 capital letters
  • 2 numbers
  • 1 special character

I suggest you write it down immediately, but, note that x10host will send you an email confirmation.

choose an x10 password

Once you enter a password, hit “CONTINUE” again … [hopefully your sensing a theme here].

Now, hold down the control [CTRL] key on your keyboard and click on the “View Terms of Service”.

Confirm your new free x10hosting account

Once you have reviewed the terms of service for free hosting of your WordPress website, check off the “I agree” box.

You are getting closer, simply click on “SUBMIT” and check your inbox.

check your inbox for a message from x10host

You’ll receive a confirmation email.

I am sure you have seen similar types of emails in the past, however, in case you have not click on the link within the email.

This will confirm your registration for a free WordPress hosting account.

Confirming ….

Congratulations, after about 60 seconds you have set-up your free x10 hosting account for your future WordPress Website.

Once account is set-up.

Switch to cPanel

Scroll down to Softaculous

Select WordPress Install

Delete In Directory, or leave blank

Set username & PW

Install theme

Selecting a WordPress theme:

Creating a WordPress theme from scratch … [sort of]



Why flow?

If you are interested in paid hosting I recommend you look at the following DIR Incorporated hosting partners: