LeadGen Lesson #2 – Turn Anonymous Visitors into Known Prospects w/ Hatchbuck

Build a Lead Generation Strategy that Works
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We’re helping you tackle a big issue for small business owners – finding new leads and winning more sales.  Our proven lead generation process works – we know because we’re using the same process to grow Hatchbuck, and we’re excited to share with you what we’ve learned.

Welcome to Day 2 of the 5 day course. On Day 1, you learned how to captivate an audience of quality leads and drive them to your website. In today’s tutorial, we’re sharing how to turn your website visitors into valid prospects for your business. Let’s get started…

Day 2: Turn Anonymous Visitors into Known Prospects
Missed connections – they aren’t just personal ads on Craigslist. Missed connections happen every time a quality lead hits your website, only to bounce without a trace.

This often happens because these leads are still early in the buying process. They aren’t ready to make a purchase. They are just researching a topic or trying to solve a problem.

However, if you can connect with leads at this early stage of the buying process, you have an opportunity to earn their trust, giving you a much better chance of winning their business when the time comes for them to buy.

So how do you do it? You can eliminate missed connections and find out who those anonymous prospects are with a great lead magnet or two.

Create a Lead Magnet
Today, marketing is more about helping prospects and less about pushing your agenda with aggressive sales tactics or big budget advertising. That’s great news for smaller businesses that don’t have loads to spend on ad campaigns.

In fact, your small businesses has an edge when it comes to creating high quality content that converts. While big corporations might rely on insights from c-suite executives who are distant from actual customers, small business owners can tap straight into their hard-won expertise. The result is helpful, insightful content that feels authentic to prospects and customers.

Which brings us to lead magnets

A lead magnet is simply a tool used to grow your list of leads by giving away valuable content in exchange for a bit of contact information:

An email list sign up is a common lead magnet you’ll see online (and maybe you already have a way for leads to subscribe to your newsletter).

Lead magnets can also be beefy resources, like white papers or guides that explain a topic or give how-to steps. Or they can be as simple as a checklist, presentation slides or infographic.

Whichever format you prefer, you don’t have to be a marketing guru to create an effective lead magnet. Choose a topic that appeals to your ideal buyer(s) and tap into the expertise you’ve earned in your niche and impart your knowledge to your audience.

Need help creating a lead magnet for your website? Download the Content Marketing Playbook and check out our White Paper Template. Use our lead magnets to create your lead magnet!
Capture Info with Landing Pages
Intention vs. action. I intended to go to the gym today, but I never made it there.

When it comes to getting results, intentions are useless. Actions are key.

Anonymous leads may come to your website and intend to grab your lead magnet, but will they follow-through?

With a little planning and intervention, you can increase the odds that they do.

Landing pages increase conversions and turn visitors’ intentions into actions.

Designed as a standalone page on your website with a lead form, landing pages chart a clear path for visitors to take the action you want. In this case, it’s to fill out a form to download a lead magnet.

A good landing page:

  • Eliminates unnecessary clutter. Sidebars and links that distract from the intended action – be gone!
  • Gives a clear call-to-action. Never assume, always tell visitors what to do in the page copy as well as on forms and buttons. For example, try changing generic “Submit” text on the form button to something more specific, like “Download the Guide”
  • Uses persuasive copy. Why should they download your resource? Tell them how it will change their business or change their life.
  • Asks for minimal contact information. Company name, mobile phone number, industry, birth date, social security number? Whoah! We hardly know each other! Name and email address is usually sufficient information to get in exchange for a resource. The lead magnet is just an entry point into a relationship. You can learn more about new leads as your relationship grows.
You don’t have to be technically inclined to add lead magnet landing pages to your website. Simple, affordable landing page builders can be used to create landing pages for your lead magnets that convert. Check out Unbounce or LeadPages.
With a strong lead magnet or two, you can use landing pages on your website to capture quality leads early in their buying journey. Turn anonymous visitors into known prospects early on so you have time to build a relationship and earn their business when the time comes to buy.
Day 2 Recap
All it takes to turn anonymous visitors into quality prospects is a little trust. By giving away a bit of your hard-earned knowledge, you can earn a visitor’s permission to contact them down the road.

Tomorrow in Day 3’s lesson, we’ll teach you how to effectively organize the new leads you’re capturing from your website landing pages so you can take further steps to earn their trust – and their business. See you in the inbox!