Hatchbuck Marketing Automation – Alternative To Infusionsoft

Hatchbuck Marketing Automation – Alternative To Infusionsoft

Hatchbuck Marketing Automation for small business with builtin CRMHatchbuck is quickly gaining market share in the small business category of marketing automation with built-in CRM.

It is not a surprise considering marketing’s role in an organization is to fill the top of the funnel with quality leads using specific tools and Hatchbuck Marketing Automation is one of the best value marketing automation tools for small businesses around.

Why Marketers Love Marketing Automation

Why Marketer's Love Marketing Automation with Hatchbuck
With Hatchbuck knowing your numbers is simple.

When used effectively, marketing automation can help your marketing team generate high-quality top of the funnel leads and nurture them into qualified sales ready prospects.

Marketing automation also helps to shorten sales cycles and allows marketers to demonstrate accountability for marketing campaign expenditure.
Once a lead is ready, it gets handed off to sales where another specific set of tools and processes are needed. Namely, the Customer Relationship Management tool, as known as CRM.

Why Your Best Salespeople Love CRM

Why Sales people love CRM for small business
Hatchbuck allows your sales team to know more than lead contact information.

When money is on the line, and follow-up calls and emails must be made there is no Rolodex or Excel spreadsheet system that can light a candle next to CRM software, which help track sales activities from lead to opportunity to customer.

Customer relationship systems — like Hatchbuck Sales Automation — do not solely collect and store data about existing customers.But, also help marketing hand-off prospect digital and traditional marketing engagement insights.

Furthermore, CRM helps manage new customers and sales opportunities while covering every touch point and every stage of the buyer’s journey.

The Challenge of Marketing Automation & CRM

All-in-one Email Marketing Marketing Automation CRM
Kiss separate email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM systems good-bye with Hatchbuck’s all-in-one solution.

Most times your marketing team will be using an email marketing software program like Aweber or Mailchimp to send-out email newsletters. Since these two systems, and others like them are separate your sales and marketing team would have to communicate and cooperate well with each other in order to provide a clearer and more concise picture.

Also, many times your sales people are “too busy”  to enter complete customer data into their CRM, because, they are more focused on adding new customers into the system and tending to the needs of existing ones.

The Solutions

Hatchbuck is the Best Marketing Automation and CRM At the Cheapest Price per monthBy integrating the power of your marketing automation systems and coupling it with your CRM your data insights can be seamlessly passed between the two systems, allowing marketers to track and analyze all touch points with prospects from the moment of lead generation to the close of the sale.

And, with Hatchbuck you get both of these functions “under one roof”. Best of all you are able to significantly improve efficiency by automating marketing and sales tasks that are traditionally performed manually.

Hatchbuck is one of only a few software programs to give you both starting.
If a price stand point Hatchbuck marketing automation and CRM all-in-one system is a cheaper alternative to Infusionsoft and Hubspot starting as low as $99 per month with unlimited email sends.

Not bad, huh?

What Types Of Businesses Benefit Most From Hatchbuck?

So who uses Hatchbuck successfully you ask? Speaking solely from our client database I can tell you — manufacturers with less than 15 sales and marketing personnel, and distributors with ecommerce. An insurance company with 7-12 employees, real estate agencies of less than 20 realtors, and building contractors of any size.

Essentially, any small business owner who wants to save time and improve online marketing and sales performance on the web would be wise to consider Hatchbuck as his/her all-in-one marketing automation and CRM solution. If interested in a live, hassle-free demo — let me know.

Hatchbuck Versus Other Integrated Marketing Automation / CRM Systems

What makes Hatchbuck so incredibly appealing is it is easy to implement and offers a variety of Zapier integrations to enhance this simplicity. This allows the small business owner to do a lot with it, and empowers your sales and marketing teams to make data-driven decision.

Is Hatchbuck really the best alternative to Hubspot or Infusionsoft?

While Hatchbuck does not have its own website CMS like Hubspot, nor include leading pages like Infusionsoft it can still perform the same functions via a customized WordPress website. As a matter of fact, most of our clients just use the WordPress.org CMS and Hatchbuck tools alone as most businesses that feel there is no need to invest or bother using any other software from any other company at all.

With Hatchbuck, you can:

  • Build online forms
  • Import and tag contacts
  • Capture, and nurture your website visitors
  • Easily create email campaigns
  • Organize contacts and track your sales pipeline
  • Automatically segment audience with a relevant message
  • Lead / Contact Score
  • Manage Tasks
  • Email integration
  • Review the metrics you need to grow your business
  • Ecommerce Integration through Bigcommerce, WooCommerce or Shopify
  • Increase your social media scope
  • Track and convert your sales leads

The best thing about Hatchbuck is they listen to their customers and add value to their certified partners.

For example, in the fall of 2014, they did not offer Inbound Marketing training, yet, when we became a Hatchbuck partners earlier this year they required us to take an 11 section training course and an exam.

Then, Hatchbuck told us, “we are not in competition against you, so use our training materials to teach others the inbound marketing methodology.”

How businesses use Hatchbuck to take full advantage of what it has to offer:

The Hatchbuck Users Best Friend WordPress CMS

Odds are if you have ever published an article online, tried to start a blog, or wanted to build your own website you have heard of WordPress. Their are actually two types of WordPress sites; WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

The main difference is that WP’s .com is pretty much out of the box ready and is hosted for you, while WP .org is not hosted and needs to be customized and shaped to fit the needs and desires you have for your business website.

Despite the fact that WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, one of its biggest drawbacks is the lack of marketing support and analysis built into the software. Fortunately, Hatchbuck and a few plugins like Leadin and Yoast SEO Pro can solve this problem easily and cost-effectively.

WordPress offers a top of the line content management system that can be tailored to absolutely any type of business out there. Suddenly you are armed with a website content management system and endless possibilities while your competitor is stuck with either the limited CMS of a built-it-yourself website company, or locked down to needing a web developer every time they need to create content, edit content, or optimize that content.

It makes things easier, more cost efficient, and it often removes the need to hire a web development company. Instead, you can work with a web designer and digital marketing agency to grow the website, not just maintain it.

With WordPress CMS, you become the web developer. And, Hatchbuck becomes your Sales & Marketing Assistant.

Social Media Insights

Monitoring what your contacts say on social media channels is just as important as tracking their email and web visit engagement. In fact,”75% of social media users said that email is the best way for brands to communicate with them”, according to a MarketingSherpa survey. With Hatchbuck you will know who to reach out to today, and what to say to those contact when you do.

Furthermore, you are able to track your social media campaign(s) and report on social media ROI.  Tied to a good inbound strategy, Hatchbuck will have you running the most effective social media campaigns on the web today.

How can you do this? That’s a whole separate blog post I have not wriiten yet. However, if you are truly interested in running a successful social media campaign or 100 of them, check out our FREE eBook, “Game-Changing Social Media” for more on getting the most out of your social media accounts.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Unfortunately, Hatchbuck does not offers tools that will specifically help you optimize your website keywords, but, it those deliver insights on popular conversation topics, which would then allow you to create more content around those terms of interest to your audience – something which any online business can benefit from.

Best of all, as we mention in our free eBook “8 Ways To Optimize Your Website Redesign”, once you know what keywords drive traffic to your website, you can use tools like the Google Adwords, Buzzsumo, and Quora to generate ideas for new content around related keywords for free!

Leveraging tools like these will help you come up with a strategy on how you can be more easily found on search engines, and how you can vastly improve your ranking. You’ll be able to target keywords based on their rank and popularity, their difficulty, and get an idea of just how relevant those words are to both your brand and your business.

For more on optimizing your website for SEO, be sure to download our FREE eBook, “5 Things You Can Do In Less Than 10 Minutes to Improve Your SEO.”

Lead Tracking and Conversion

This is where  — like most business owners — you will start to get excited. As mentioned earlier, regardless of the industry you are in, everyone enjoys a great lead tracking and conversion tool. Hatchbuck offers a unique code for each webpage you create that will allow you to see exactly how your visitors arrived to your site, where they went on your site, what they did while on your site, and when they came.

Sound like Google Analytics right? However, instead of tracking an IP address you are tracking an actual contact. Information like this is invaluable to your online success and is only possible with inbound marketing tools.

You would not be able to gain critical insights like this with old-school traditional outbound marketing techniques. With more and more people going online to find products and services and to make purchases, it is more valuable than ever to get this information on your customers and leads so that you can grow your business.

Key Takeaways:

Who uses Hatchbuck? A number of businesses. But the wiser question is, “Who can benefit from Hatchbuck?” That answer is, everyone who has a small business and is looking to grow a larger digital presence.

Need help with your digital marketing?

If you are interested in implementing Hatchbuck’s sales & marketing software to your campaign efforts, let DIR Incorporated set you up for your free Hatchbuck demo. Best of  all, if you contact us today we can schedule your free marketing analysis and demo at the same time!