Case Study: UHI Worldwide’s Strategic Inbound Marketing Program Heats Up

Strategic Inbound Marketing Program Impacts RV Industry

Situation before Strategic Inbound Marketing

A recreational vehicle industry leading RV holding tank heaters Ultraheat, manufactured by UHI Worldwide — based largely in the Midwest was looking for a way to build loyalty with RV dealerships and repair centers across the United States, while connecting them with local leads in their communities. While the task was large, and involved reaching out to thousands of dealerships and RV repair center in all 50 states. The solution would strongly differentiate the RV holding tank heater manufacturer from its competitors.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

To create enthusiasm among dealerships and RV centers, DIR Incorporated monitored social media forums and surveyed business owners within the space to listen to their needs and goals. The team used that information to enhance the UHI Worldwide loyalty program with features that would benefit the businesses, as well as its customers.

DIR Incorporated also worked daily with various departments of the RV manufacturer to gather customer demographic data, spend history, and information about operations within the company and its marketing campaigns.

Execution of Strategic Inbound Marketing Plan

Information was compiled, analyzed and used to build a comprehensive program that included a keyword targeting, website optimization, social media management, landing pages, special email bulletins, and an online installer certification program.

The website was customized to connect RV dealerships and repair centers with leads in their area, using their ZIP codes as a default. The site also contained a “Preferences” section to help users find dealerships and RV repair center most closely aligned with their interests. Additionally, offers on the site’s home page rotated, based on the categories that users selected. Users could also use the site to search for national dealerships and RV repair centers nearby, or shop through the website at participating online retailers for do-it-yourselfers.

To help further promote the program, DIR Incorporated worked with UHI Worldwide to create marketing materials for its program participants. Our Strategic Inbound Marketing team also provided local businesses with marketing materials — including window decals and counter-top tents — that could be used to inform shoppers of retrofit products that visiting the website would earn them added value.

Results of Strategic Inbound Marketing

The result was a dynamic interface for shoppers to find the best deals in their neighborhoods at the kinds of services locations they prefer to shop. Members also received special announcements and offers during holidays and during various seasons. Dealerships and RV service centers were also excited by the success of the program, as they saw the value in getting their message out to a local and national audience and the ability to generate more business.