9 Steps To Setting Featured Listings on Myrsol Real Estate Websites

9 Steps To Setting Featured Listings on Myrsol Real Estate Websites

What makes the Myrsol real estate website platform a great choice for realtors?

How To Set Up Featured Listing on your Myrsol Real Estate Website
Here is a screenshot of Bill and Mary Wilson’s website on the Myrsol Real Estate Website Platform.

Myrsol real estate websites, in my opinion, is the best option for real estate websites when a brokerage firm or realtor wants the functionality of automatic IDX syndication updates every 15 minutes and a content management system (CMS) . Such as, Bill and Mary Wilson real estate agents in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

WordPress websites are CMS. Are they capable of IDX syndication?

How To Set Up Featured Listing on your Myrsol Real Estate Website
Francee Foster uses a WordPress website for her listings.

In short, yes. This can been done via two ways. First, is via an RSS feed. This is by far the easiest option. Second is via a plugin from your multiple listing service (MLS).

We have done both, but, there is a caveat. What happens when your real estate association decides to switch MLS providers… GULP!

We have seen it happen too many times, your feed is broken , your plugin more than likely will not with the new MLS. You lose time, money, and potential prospects waiting for a fix, which can takes 1-2 months.

Whereas, with one phone call, Myrsol will get your listing set-up on your real estate website usually within 72 hours.

For this reason, we only recommend real estate WordPress websites in rare cases.

Can you give an example of when WordPress is a better option than Myrsol?

One of the only times to recommend WordPress over a Myrsol real estate platform is when a real estate agent might want to manually enter every listing and only wants their properties to show-up. Such as Edwardsburg, Michigan Realtor Francee Foster, and Nappanee, Indiana real estate brokerage and auctioneer Hahn Realty. In these cases, WordPress or some other website CMS like Drupal or Joomla present a better and more long-term cost effective option.

I want IDX syndication & the Setting Featured Listings to be customized

If you want to accomplish both these options, then the Myrsol real estate website platform is in the words of our expert Myrsol and WordPress web developer Matt “the Webbrewer” Howell’s words “hands down the best”.

Myrsol not only offers IDX syndication, but it has many nice options, some of which are easy to set-up, but, only if you know where to look.

At DIR Incorporated, during new website client orientation, we typically encourage our clients to play around on the back-end of their CMS website, but, we also ask them to “be very careful not to break anything.”

For this purpose, I am going to pretend you are a client and show you how to easily set up specific featured listings on your Myrsol real estate website platform. In fact, you might already be a client and not know it, as we often help other Myrsol web designers with the web development and SEO of their clients sites.

How to set up featured listings on your Myrsol Real Estate websites

Step 1 : Log into your Myrsol Dashboard. Once you are successfully signed-inhover over the down arrow on the Real Estate tab as depicted below.

navigating the Myrsol real estate webite dashboard
Hover the real estate tab


Step 2: Once you hover over the “Real Estate” tab a drop-down menu will appear. Hover down toSetting and left click to select it.

Let me show you how to easily set up featured listing on your Myrsol real estate website platform.
From the real estate tab select “settings”

Step 3: You will notice a screen like the one below appear. Simply “left-click” the area titled “Featured Listing” as highlighted in the image.

Myrsol Dashboard Setting Up Featuring Listings Page
Step 4a: Once you select the “featured listing” tab you will notice that under the line titled “Featured Listings Type” the words “office” is selected by default. Therefore, the listing of every real estate agent within your real estate agency will display as a featuring listing.

Setting Up Featuring Listings Page on Myrsol
Notice “office” is selected by default.

Step 4b: To change the default “office” setting, simply click on the down arrow and select “agents”.

Myrsol Dashboard Setting Up Featuring Listings Page select agents

Step 5: In most cases your name, or that of your team will already be displayed within the Group dialog box. If so, simply “select the name” of the agent(s) you wish to feature and move their name into the box titled “selected” by clicking the right arrow, and go to step #8. If the Group dialog box is empty [as depicted below] — go to step #6 to see how to find and attach the names of missing agents to the “selected” dialog box.

How to set your Myrsol Website Feautred Listings To Specific Agents

Step 6: In the search box begin to type the name of an agent. In the example below I simply typed the letter “a”. Every agent with the letter “a” in their name appears. The more specific you can be the more targeted the list. Once you find the agent you are looking for hover and click on their name. To select multiple agents use the “CTRL” keyboard function as you click on each name.

Search for agent

Step 7: Once the name(s) is/are selected simply click on the “add” button. If you cannot find the name you are looking for your will you will have to contact Myrsol directly.

Missing Agent Added To Myrsol Website Featured Listings

Step 8: If you accidentally select the name of the wrong agent, simply hover and click the name of the real estate agent you wish to remove. Then, click on the back arrow. Once your “selected” list is accurate. Click the green update button.

How To remove agent for Myrsol Website Feature Listing Update


setting featured listing on Myrsol mobile sites Congratulations! You now know “how to update the feature listing section of your Myrsol website“.

Pam Colen Setting Feature Listings on Myrsol Real Estate Websites Should you have any questions contact DIR Incorporated at 574-329-9022, use the comment form below, or via Twitter at @DIRIncorpoated #devMyrsolRE.