3 Google Analytics Reports For Understanding Audience

3 Google Analytics Reports For Understanding Audience

Google Analytics make actionable data as easy as riding a bike.

Google Adwords Google Analytic Beginners - An introduction to Google AdwordsOn January 9, 2013 the Google Analytics Blog stated, “Your customers are active all the time and everywhere, so you should be as well. To truly win moments that matter across all screens and situations, you must acknowledge, and measure, all relevant touch-points.”

Whether you are comparing your past search engine data against your current data, or you are using existing data compare benchmarks and trends being familiar with how people find and browse your website, and online advertising can help you make informed decisions about your marketing plan and web design. Google makes it possible to track important data for helping you to make improvements.

Setting Google Analytic Goals
Screenshot of the “Goal Setting” section of Analytics account for one of our clients – Advanced Engine.

Google Analytics shows you the full customer picture across ads and videos, websites and social tools, tablets and smartphones. That makes it easier to serve your current customers and win new ones. Analytics offers many features all for free, and while it is very important you set goals to better segment by attributes, [such as device type, date/time, marketing channels, geography, and customer characteristics], as well as, context [external and internal] there are things a Google Analytics newbie can do.

Before, we go further, examples of external context would be industry benchmarks, whereas internal context would be past data you already have from your website.

For beginners we recommended you: Get started with three reports Google Analytic Reports to understand audience.

They are:

  • Audience Report
  • Location Report
  • All Traffic Report

Google Analytics : Audience Overview Report

The Audience Overview report within Google Analytics give you a snapshot of your target audience. It shows how many people visited your site, and how long they stayed on your website. Using this information you can then run a promotions, and track whether it resulting in additional traffic.

Google Analytics : Location Report

Does your business focus on a practically local area, and region, or are you able to serve customers nationally, or international? Depending on you capabilities you will want to know if most of your website visits are local in nature, or if your site has international appeal? By using Google Analytics Location Report, you can gain insights into where your web visitors are located. This information helps you begin focusing your marketing efforts to the countries, cities, or even zip codes where your target audience and most important customers live.

Google Analytics : All Traffic Report

Do you know where you web traffic is coming from? Is it from people conducting a search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, or some other search engine? Are there finding your blog post on those searches, or are they subscribers to your blogs? Or, Perhaps could they be coming from shared postings on social media network sites? The All Traffic report shows you how people find your business website online. This report shows where clicks to your site are coming from, which in turn allows you to tailor your marketing plan and content strategy to the sources that work best in bringing you ideal target web traffic.

Obviously there is a lot more to Google Analytics, but, these 3 reports provide a great starting point toward understanding website visitor information and allows you to begin benefiting from experimentation.

So, why wait get started with Google Analytic and these marketing data reports today.