Get To Know Us

Who is DIR Incorporated, anyway?

We create…

awesome, marketing campaigns and websites for small businesses. So far, that includes direct mail, email campaign, inbound marketing campaigns, SEO services, Social Media campaigns, traditional media campaigns, Weebly and WordPress lead generation websites. Also, our famous Revenue-Driven Marketing Programs for manufacturers and distributors.

We’ve been recognized with various industry awards, and have partners with some of the smartest companies in the industry, Aweber, Google, Got Print, HubSpot, Leadsius, Mailchimp, and Webbrewers.

We make it for…

people running businesses with 15 employees or less. Which is to say, when we zero in on what to include in our features, it’s freelancers, contractors, entrepreneurs, and owners of companies with 15 employees or less that we keep in mind. (Happily, bigger companies love DIR Incorporated, too.)

We do it because…

most “small business marketing agencies” aren’t actually built to help small businesses. It’s really meant for medium-sized businesses with dozens and sometimes hundreds of employees. (Just look at how complicated and expensive they are…!) But there’s a world of difference between the needs of a 9-person company and a 59-person company. So we create campaigns for businesses with 15 employees or less, including all those one-person shops out there. And, Revenue-Driven Marketing Programs for the larger companies. And that makes for a much better fit between our services and your needs.

DIR Incorporated exists to liberate you and your small business with smart, integrated small business marketing solutions that saves you time and money, helping you run your business better and freeing you to do… whatever it is you’d rather be doing.

Some History

Our clients, vendors, partners, and other stakeholders will tell you this about us. Our company was founded in March 2005 by Rob Rohena, currently our Marketing Director, as a marketing research company, performing small freelance projects on

In 2009, we added the digital analytic and social media management components to our offering. In 2011, we added marketing automation and crm implementation.

In March 25, 2014, we began the transformation to becoming a full-service small business Marketing Agency with a twist.

So, what make us unique?

Well, first there is what we do. We created the Revenue-Driven GamePlan, Growth Process, and ConversionPath. But, then, there is the stuff below.

Our Mission Statement

DIR incorporated helps apply, implement, and sustain biblical business principals within small business organizations seeking to grow revenue and impact society for good using intelligent marketing methods.

“I Had A Dream Once.”

This is the scripted line for one of the characters in the Disney movie Tangled, in response to Rapunzel’s inquiry, “Haven’t you ever had a dream?”

All DIR Incorporated stakeholders are required to follow the guidelines of “EntreLeadership“. That is, we are responsible for driving “the process of leading to cause a venture to grow and prosper.” We do not want you to ever say, “I had a dream once.” Instead, we want to say, “I’m living the dream”.

Envisioning The Future

What we do as an organization does not end at the presentation of an award-winning marketing campaign or program, nor the extra commas on a clients balance sheet. Instead, that is just the beginning. As stated at the end of our Mission Statement we want to help small business “grow revenue and impact society for good”. So, how do we accomplish this.

Tying our organizational function ,God-given skills and soul-purpose together.

Within 45 minutes of our headquarters are communities where 1 in 3 children do not know their father. And, 1 out of every 2 that do know their father lives — in a single-parent home. Due to this, and other socioeconomic conditions most young teenagers and barely legal adults within these communities join gangs, go to jail, and worst … end-up dead.

A few are lucky to find their way to organizations like The Crossing, Keller Park, YEA!, and Teen Challenge.

Lead by the Spirit, and in partnership with the Nappanee Chamber of Commerce and our partner companies, we are developing an internship program designed to open doors for those desiring real-world business and leadership experience. Who knows, one day, one of them might be consulting your business on Revenue-Driven Marketing.